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Description of Officer Positions

  • President – The official representative of the GSA. Determine, coordinate, and direct all activities of the GSA. Serve as liaison between graduate students, faculty, and administration. Advise and assist GSBS office. Only a previous officer can be elected to the office of president.
  • Vice President – Share the roles and responsibilities of the President. Be able to fill in during the President’s absence. Only a previous officer can be elected to the office of VP.
  • Secretary – Record the minutes of the meetings of the GSA and officers and make them available online. Update GSA calendar. Operate the GSA website. Create updates and email flyers to distribute to the student body.
  • Treasurer – Keep track of the GSA budget, expenses, and fundraising. Make purchases on the behalf of the GSA. Add authorized vendors to UTHSCSA system. Sign off on reimbursements.
  • Student Ambassador – Coordinate academic and social activities for members of the GSA. Communicate with volunteers for social and fundraising events. Create and maintain the GSA Facebook page. Focus on improving communication between the GSA officers and the graduate student population.
  • Program representatives (2 per program) – Represent the needs and concerns of the students within their program at GSA Officer meetings. Facilitate and ensure communication between the GSA and their fellow students. Elected only by students within that program.
  • First Year representative – Represent the needs and concerns of graduate students beginning their first year at UTHSCSA.

In addition to the specific position requirements, all of the GSA officers are responsible for the cohesion and success of the GSA.