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Open Forum on New Concealed Carry Law Implementation

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September 2015
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On MONDAY, SEPT 28th, 5-6pm, in Pestana Lecture Hall on the UTHSCSA Long Campus, there will be an open forum hosted by the Office of the President.

This forum provides an opportunity for campus constituents to share their input regarding the implementation of  Senate Bill 11. This legislation, also known as “campus carry,” was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in June 2015. The legislation requires that public universities and colleges allow handgun license-holders to carry concealed weapons on campus beginning in August 2016. The bill also allows the University to recommend locations where concealed carry should be prohibited.

If you’d like to have a say in this discussion, show up to the forum on Monday to voice your concerns or contact GSA Vice President Mikaela Sifuentes at sifuentesmm@uthscsa.edu.


The following letter was sent to the UTHSCSA student & faculty body after the Open Forum:

Dear All, 

Yesterday evening, more than 100 people attended the Open Forum on Concealed Carry on Campus, held in Pestana Hall on the Long Campus of the Health Science Center. The event was videoconferenced to multiple campus locations as well, both in San Antonio and to the Laredo regional campus. Many of you were present at the Open Forum, and I am deeply grateful for your attendance.

President Henrich offered introductory remarks, articulating the parameters of the campus decision making process and highlighting the timeline for the process. Chief Parks also provided clarifying and illuminating commentary.

Approximately 20 people made public comments and raised questions. At least 3 persons in attendance expressed interest in joining our Campus Workgroup so that they could actively participate in the development of recommendations to the President.

Part of our discussion at our meeting this Wednesday, September 30, will be to debrief from the Open Forum.

 The bulk of our agenda (attached) will be to continue our discussions from last week 

You’ll recall that as a way to frame our discussions, workgroup members would identify their top 5 criteria for designating restriction zones for concealed carry in campus buildings or under limited circumstances. Our intent is to try to establish consensus criteria, which could be applied to locations or events. I have attached a discussion draft of the criteria that have come forward thus far. I welcome additional ideas from the group.

I have also attached a document from the UT System. This September 23rd draft was developed as a “straw man” proposal, by Deputy Chancellor Dr. David Daniel, in response to common discussion points that have emerged from the system-wide conference calls.

Of interest in the “straw man” document from Dr. Daniel is an articulation of guiding principles. These three principles reflect comments Chancellor McRaven has made in different conversations with Regents, UT System leaders, and other officials.

Also attached, as a reference document, is a course outline provided by UT Health NE (Tyler) Police Chief Cromley. Chief Cromley is a senior CHL instructor and graciously provided to the UT System Workgroup a copy of the course outline he uses when conducting CHL training courses. Deputy Chancellor Dr. Daniel asked the UT System Workgroup to review Section 4 —  what Chief Cromley teaches CHL applicants about proper storage practices.

Let me express again my appreciation for your participation in this critical campus workgroup. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, September 30, from 5-6 pm, in Room 120 of the Academic and Administration Building. The AAB is located across from Holly Auditorium on the Long campus.



Jacqueline Lee Mok, Ph.D.
Vice President, Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive, Mail Code 7720
San Antonio, TX  78229-3900
Phone: 210.567.2004; Email: mok@uthscsa.edu; Fax: 210.567.1616

The referenced documents can be accessed here.


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