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Nepal Fundraiser at Jackson Ranch on June 7th

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May 2015
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On June 7, the Jackson Ranch in the Heart of San Antonio​ will host an open house from 4-8 pm, to raise funds for Nepal Villages. With live music, art, an auction, a slide show of villages in Nepal, and an opportunity to purchase Tibetan made jewelry. The Historical Jackson Ranch is located at 8910 Callaghan Road, San Antonio, TX 78230.

A message from Patrice Villastigo, owner and manager:

“Please join me in aiding this small, crumpled, area of the world. Supplies – tents, building supplies and food – will be delivered to the villages outside the main cities in Nepal, devastated by the recent 7.4 and 7.8 earthquakes, with over 10,000 people dead. I am working with villages on the Tibet border side of Nepal. The smallest donation makes a huge difference!  Thank you!”

More information can be found here.


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