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Be a Human Guinea Pig!

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October 2014
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Here are some opportunities to take part in some paid UT Health Science Center research studies.

Texas Family Health Patterns Study

Purpose: To study factors that may increase the risk for alcohol and drug use in individuals who do not have any problems with these substances
Age: 18-29 years old
Time commitment: 3-hour screening, two 3-hour test sessions
Total compensation: $260
Contact: Susan McCorstin at mccorstin@uthscsa.edu
More information

Methylene Blue Study

Purpose: To study looking at the effects of methylene blue on memory
Age: 18-65 years old
Other requirements: No non-removable metal objects or pacemakers
Compensation: reimbursement for time, personality profile upon completion of study, free non-diagnostic MRI images of your brain
Contact: Betty Heyl at heyl@uthscsa.edu
More information

Toothpaste Study

Purpose: To investigate if a newly developed toothpaste can repair cavities that are in an early stage of formation
Age: 18-50 years old
Time commitment: 5 visits over 10 weeks
Compensation: reimbursement for time and travel
Contact: Sapna Matthew (210) 567-6872
More information

Mouthrinse Study

Purpose: To investigate if a newly developed mouthwash can repair dental erosion at its early stage of formation
Age: 18-50 years old
Time commitment: 3 visits over 5 weeks
Compensation: Reimbursement for time and travel
Contact: Sapna Matthew (210) 567-6872
More information


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