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Proposed Increase in Tuition

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April 2014
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In response to a request by the UT System, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has drafted a 5-year proposal for tuition rates to gradually increase. To discuss these changes, Dr. Weiss met with graduate students on April 1st to explain the proposal and address questions and concerns. Members of the GSA Committee were present, and this report contains the information gathered there.

The proposal does not include any tuition increase for Academic Years 2014-2015 or 2015-2016, but a modest increase beginning in the Fall semester in 2016.

Because there are currently 3 tuition rates depending on the year of matriculation, tuition increases will vary.

tuition ratesFollowing this chart, the tuition increases starting in Fall 2016 will range from $50-68.

In addition to the proposal to increase tuition, there is also a proposal to increase some fees in Fall 2014. This decision is determined by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Faculty and Student Affairs. These fees include:

  • Medical Services $47.05 increase
  • Graduation $40 increase ($60 to $100, fee is paid by PI)

Both the GSBS and the medical school have agreed against instituting an application fee.

The graduate school has also provided students with a comparison chart of current tuition and fee charges with other UT institutions.

tuition comparison

The proposal is still flexible and subject to change.


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